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Frequently asked questions...

Why does she not tend to do many e-commerce websites?
These websites are much more time consuming to code / put together. Many companies don't unserstand the intricacy and effort needed to code a website of this type and thus don't understand why they take longer to complete. A complicated website takes more time to code and the client is billed accordingly. Extra time and money for a project of this magnitude can often be frowned upon by the client. She decided it was best to rarely undergo such a project so as to utilize her time more efficiently and effectively in assisting clients with slightly less complicated websites.

Why does my company need a website?
In this day and age people value their time and efforts. Many people use mapquest / google maps to plan out routes to take when going somewhere. Others use it to buy things, and some to research companies they may choose to take their business to. Now that they can find pretty much anything online, they like to check things out in advance of leaving their residence so that they know they are getting what they want. Thus it is imperative to represent yourself online, and in the best light possible.

Does she really provide domain registration?
She is willing to purchase a domain on your behalf, create the website, and ultimately host your website. This allows for you to not be bogged down with pesky details and registrations that you may or may not understand. Domain registrars are a dime a dozen these days. Some places offer registration for dirt cheap however the security they offer is subpar. She knows who the more secure registrars are so you won't have to worry about having your domain stolen from you by a hacker.

What are the elements of a good website?
A good website contains colours that work well together and do not give the user a headache due to brightness. The text will be in a font that is easily decipherable(not too fancy or too small). It tells the user all about the company, how it came to be, it's philosophy and what it has to offer. It gives the user ways to get in touch with the company such as by; email, address, phone number(s), and fax number(s) if applicable.